Over 30 years in design and communications

Today’s workload is primarily digital. I’m a hands-on managerial product designer, adept at leading research, strategy and design for international clients.

Commonly, I am directing a team of talented user experience specialists, delivering everything from workshops and field research through to strategy presentations, prototypes and functional specifications.

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Over the years I have worked at boutique agencies as well as the big guns. I have been seconded within the WPP group to provide specialist insight and creative direction. I’ve also done a good amount of contracting, providing team management, research, strategy and design.

Additionally I have worked in lighting design, print publishing, promotions and even had a colourful time as a radio presenter in the last millennium.

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Back to the present and I’m enjoying crafting and honing ideas that UX, tech and creative teams bring to the table. We take pride in creating successful insight-led designs that are driven through research, prototyping and iteration. A lot of our work is designed to meet very specific and measurable KPIs. It also spans geographic and cultural boundaries, adding challenges and interest which keeps me in an industry I continue to enjoy.

When not earning a crust, you can often find me on the beach at home in Ramsgate or exploring the mountainous terrain around our place in Andalusia.

Clients and brands

I have been very fortunate to work with some great clients and their brands.

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