Mobile App + User Experience

Carlsberg’s customer-focussed app for B2B sales

Empowering the free trade rep

In recent years, Britain’s fourth largest brewer has extended its offering to pubs, bars and restaurants. As well as wines, ales and lagers, Carlsberg UK provides a multitude of services to licensees.

At Syzygy, I drove the research and strategy for a winning pitch to provide Carlsberg with a pilot application for use by sales reps. The approach was to design an interface that would facilitate consultation, through which sales would be generated.

During an extensive discovery period we conducted field research, interviewing licensees and shadowing reps. We ran requirements gathering workshops and consultations with stakeholders across the UK. The process allowed us to develop a series of ‘paper’ prototypes which evolved to a ‘lite’ version of a native iOS app.

Through this, Carlsberg have been able to evaluate the effectiveness of a consultative approach to sales and the pilot is playing an important role in shaping business decisions for the future.

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